WARP Radio Board

Hardware version 1.4

This daughtercard is compatible only with WARP FPGA Boards v1 and v2 and requires a WARP Clock Board for proper operation.

The Radio Board is a daughtercard which provides a single RF transceiver with a digital baseband interface. Multiple Radio Boards can be used to build MIMO systems.


  • Digital I/Q interface to host FPGA board
  • Dual 65MS/sec 14-bit ADC for Rx I/Q (AD9248)
  • Dual 125MS/sec 16-bit DAC for Tx I/Q (AD9777)
  • 20MS/sec 10-bit ADC for RSSI (AD9200)
  • 2.4 & 5GHz RF transceiver (MAX2829)
  • 18dBm power amplifier
  • DPDT RF antenna switch & dual antenna ports
  • 1kb EEPROM (DS2431P)


  • Radio Board Users Guide
  • Schematics