For questions regarding hardware purchased from Mango, please contact

For questions regarding the open-source WARP Reference Designs (802.11 Reference Design, WARPLab, OFDM Reference Design), please visit the WARP forums ( Our engineers provide expert support to all WARP users via the forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software tools are required to use WARP?

The primary processor in WARP is a Xilinx FPGA. Creating custom designs for the FPGA requires software tools from Xilinx. We recommend using ISE System Edition with WARP. This suite includes all the tools used to build the various WARP reference designs (ISE, XPS, SDK, System Generator and ChipScope). We also recommend having MATLAB, required by Xilinx System Generator.

Universities can request a donation of the tools from the Xilinx University Program. Commercial users should contact Xilinx Sales to purchase the tools.

Where can I find more about what WARP can do?

Feel free to email with any questions. You can also visit the WARP repository which contains a wealth of information about the platform and its applications. The WARP Project forums are also an excellent resource for technical questions about WARP hardware and our open-source reference designs.