Mango 802.11 MAC/PHY Stack

Fully programmable 802.11 MAC/PHY stack for Xilinx FPGAs

Our 802.11 MAC/PHY stack implements a high-performance, real-time 802.11 MAC and PHY in modern Xilinx programmable devices. The design interoperates with standard Wi-Fi devices. The MAC and PHY implementations are ideal starting points for prototyping extensions to the 802.11 standard, researching custom wireless waveforms and evaluating custom MAC protocols in real time.

The 802.11 MAC/PHY stack has three components:

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Demo Video

This video demonstrates our 802.11 MAC/PHY stack running in real-time on the Analog Devices ADRV9361 development platform. The node is acting as an AP providing internet connectivity to a Wi-Fi client. All MAC and PHY processing is running in real time on the Xilinx Zynq device with wireless transmissions and receptions via the ADI AD9361 radio.

Our design's extensive control and measurement plane is also demonstrated in this video. A PC is connected to the AP node via Ethernet and is collecting logs of every wireless Tx/Rx event in real time. The Rx logs are analyzed on the PC which then plots the frequency-domain channel coefficients for every wireless reception at the AP. This measurement and analysis process occurs in parallel with normal MAC/PHY operation.

License Options

Our 802.11 MAC/PHY stack is suitable for a wide variety of applications and is available under flexible licensing options. The License Type depends on the customer and application. The License Tier depends on what source code access is required.

License Types

License Tiers

  • Use and extend source code
  • Licensed to single site
  • Use for non-profit teaching and research
  • No re-distribution
  • Use and extend source code
  • Embed compiled design in products
  • Tailor license terms for a specific application
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements
MAC Software Source
  • SDK workspace with full MAC C source code
  • Use on supported reference hardware
FPGA Design Source
  • Includes MAC Software source
  • Vivado project with IPI design
  • Includes source for utility IP cores
  • PHY IP cores delivered as netlists
  • Target custom hardware
Full Source
  • Includes MAC Software and FPGA Design sources
  • Adds source models for PHY IP cores
  • Customize and extend Tx/Rx PHY designs

Please contact us with any questions about license options and for detailed pricing information.