The Mango Communications team has extensive experience specifying, prototyping, implementing, and characterizing FPGA-based wireless communications and networking systems.

We frequently work with customers to modify and extend our 802.11 MAC/PHY Design. Please contact us to discuss your project’s requirements.

The Mango team has worked on a wide variety of design projects over the years, most covered by customer NDA. However we are able to describe our work on the projects highlighed below.

DSRC / Wi-Fi Coexistence Prototypes

Mango was contracted by two customers to build prototypes for the FCC’s DSRC and U-NII-4 Prototype Device Testing program.

For this project the Mango team:

  • Designed new signal processing algorithms to detect DSRC preambles in four adjacent channels using just the first few microseconds of preamble waveform
  • Implemented the DSRC detector in real-time FPGA IP
  • Integrated the DSRC detector with our 802.11 MAC/PHY Design to realize the proposed “Detect and Vacate” co-existence proposal
  • Documented the complete demo for use by the customer and FCC OET teams (see the Demo User Guide)

Massive MIMO Wi-Fi Channel Characterization Demo

The Mango team partnered with researchers from the Rice University Argos project to build a MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Channel Characterization Demo presented at Xilinx ETS.

For this project the Mango team:

  • Customized our 802.11 MAC/PHY Design to stream channel estimates in real-time
  • Developed a custom macOS application to visualize the channel states and MU-MIMO capacity of a 96-radio base station
  • Built a custom Python framework to configure and control 25 FPGA nodes running the custom 802.11 stack

More details on this demo are available on the WARP site.