Mango 802.11 MAC/PHY - IP Cores

The 802.11 MAC/PHY stack is built on multiple FPGA IP cores. These cores are packaged as Vivado IP Cores and can be instantiated in any supported Vivado design flow. Our Reference FPGA Design instantiates these cores in a Vivado IPI block diagram.

PHY Transmitter

The PHY Transmitter IP core implements a complete, real-time bytes-to-waveform pipeline in FPGA fabric.

PHY Receiver

The PHY Receiver IP core implements a complete, real-time waveform-to-bytes pipeline in FPGA fabric.

MAC Support Core

The MAC support core implements real-time blocks to support MAC implementations and manages real-time interaction with the Tx/Rx PHY cores.

Platform Support Cores

The PHY and MAC cores are designed to be platform independent. We provide a number of additional cores to implement a fully-functional 802.11 node on reference platforms.