CM-MMCX: WARP v3 Clock Module with MMCX connectors

This board is no longer in production and is not recommended for new applications.

Please see the CM-PLL modulefor the recommended replacement.

The CM-MMCX is a simple clock module for WARP v3 which enables sourcing and sinking the sampling and RF reference clocks.

Key Features:

  • Coaxial (MMCX) connectors for:
    • RF reference clock input
    • RF reference clock output
    • Sampling clock input
    • Sampling clock output
  • 2-position switch (tied to FPGA I/O)

Clock I/O

The CM-MMCX module provides connectors for sourcing and sinking the WARP v3 node's RF reference and sampling clocks. Each clock signal is routed to an MMCX connector. All four signals are connected directly to the WARP v3 clock buffers. See the WARP v3 clocking user guide for more details on these buffers.

The CM-MMCX module is available with either MMCX jacks or MMCX plugs. The image below illustrates the options:

For most WARP v3 users we recommend the version with MMCX jacks, allowing use of readily-available cable assemblies with MMCX plugs (like Digi-Key J735-ND).

The version with MMCX plugs is available for users needing to share clocks between a WARP v3 kit and a WARP v1/v2 kit. The original WARP Clock Board (on WARP v1/v2 kits) uses MMCX plugs for clock I/O. The corresponding cable assemblies (with MMCX jacks) are usually special order.

Pricing & Availability

Please see the Mango Price List for the current pricing and availability.

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