CM-PLL: WARP v3 Clock Module with on-board PLL & VCXO

The CM-PLL is a clock module for WARP v3 which provides a high-quality clock to the WARP v3 clock buffers whose frequency is locked to an local or external reference. The CM-PLL module integrates a PLL, low-jitter VCXO and reference clock multiplexer.

Key Features:

  • Analog Devices AD9511 PLL
  • Texas Instruments LMK03004 clock mux
  • 80MHz low-jitter voltage-controlled oscillator (VCXO)
  • 6-position DIP switch for run-time configuration
  • Reference clock input from:
    • MMCX jack
    • Board-to-board header
    • WARP v3 TCXO

Clock & FPGA I/O

The CM-PLL module has two 10-pin connectors. Each connector allocates 4 pins to FPGA I/O and 1 pin for the PLL reference clock. One connector has a reference clock input, one has an output driven by a buffered copy of the reference clock. These connectors enable synchronizing multiple WARP v3 kits in a daisy-chain configuration. There are various options for the board-to-board cables. Refer to the CM-PLL User Guide for details.

The photo below illustrates two WARP v3 kits equipped with CM-PLL modules in a daisy-chain configuration. The single cable connection synchronizes the WARP v3 clocks and routes 4 FPGA signals for shared triggering of the FPGA designs.

Pricing & Availability

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