The WARP v3 hardware platform has reached end of life and is no longer available. The original product page is archived below.

The Mango team continues to support the 802.11 Reference Design and WARPLab Reference Design for WARP v3 hardware. Technical support is provided via the WARP Forums.

Please contact us with any questions.

FMC-RF-2X245: Dual-Radio FMC Module

The FMC-RF-2X245 is an FMC module with integrates two fully programmable RF interfaces. This module is designed to enable 4-radio designs on WARP v3.

Key Features

  • 2 programmable RF interfaces, each with:
    • MAX2829 2.4/5GHz transceiver
    • AD9963 ADC/DAC (12-bit resolution; 170MSps DACs, 100MSps ADCs)
    • Dual-band PA (20dBm Tx power)
    • Shared clocking for MIMO applications
  • 4 SATA connectors for board-to-board multi-gigabit links

RF Interfaces

The RF interfaces on the FMC-RF-2X245 module are based on the same design as the RF interfaces on the WARP v3 board. Each interface operates in the 2.4 and 5GHz bands with up to 40MHz bandwidth. The digital I/Q interfaces are tied directly to the FMC header, enabling fully programmable waveform generation and processing. The two interfaces share sampling and RF reference clocks to enable MIMO applications. Both clocks are driven by the host WARP v3 hoard via the FMC connector. Building a 4-radio node requires only a WARP v3 kit and the FMC-RF-2X245 module.

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